Dr. Remington Nevin

Dr. Nevin’s office is located in the historic Gates-Briggs building, in beautiful White River Junction, Vermont, although clients don’t need to travel to benefit from Dr. Nevin’s services. Dr. Nevin is pleased to offer his expert consultation and veteran compensation, independent medical opinion report, and nexus letter preparation services to clients across the United States and internationally.

Veteran Compensation

Dr. Nevin is a former U.S. military public health physician with extensive experience successfully aiding clients in obtaining up to 100% military service-connected disability for various diagnoses and health conditions related to use of mefloquine (marketed as Lariam®), including in cases where military medical records did not document exposure.

Dr. Nevin was recently recognized by a Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) claims examiner as having “unique credentials, qualifications, and professional experience with regards to... mefloquine”. U.S. military veterans may file a claim with the VA for disability compensation for health conditions they believe are related to mefloquine use during military service, including for certain chronic conditions highlighted in the U.S. FDA mefloquine boxed warning.

Dr. Nevin has published a guide to screening veterans for service-connected mefloquine exposure, and has collaborated on the first case report of a U.S. military veteran awarded service-related disability compensation for adverse psychiatric effects from the drug. VA nexus letter preparation services for health conditions related to mefloquine and related quinoline antimalarials are available to eligible veterans for a small fee after a free initial consultation. U.S. veterans with questions related to VA mefloquine disability claims, as well as international veterans with concerns related to their mefloquine exposure, are encouraged to contact Dr. Nevin to discuss their case at no charge or for further information.

Dr. Nevin is also pleased to offer his services reviewing other service-connected disability cases on a case-by-case basis and can write nexus letters and independent medical opinion reports for a variety of conditions, including obstructive sleep apnea, hypertension, pulmonary, liver, and kidney disease, musculoskeletal injuries, and those related to military toxic exposures such as Agent Orange, solvents, burn pits, and contaminated water. Please note that in general, Dr. Nevin will require access to all available medical records in order to formulate an opinion on a case. In the U.S., this includes the complete VA “C-File”, and all VA medical records. Please contact Dr. Nevin if you have questions about how to obtain these records. Dr. Nevin regrets that he is unable to complete DBQs, and recommends his services only when the issue in contention is causation. Please contact Dr. Nevin if you have questions in this regard.

Expert Consultation

Dr. Nevin is pleased to offer his services in the preparation of concise independent causation reports in cases involving claims of adverse effects from antimalarial drugs. Dr. Nevin is also available to provide international attorney medicolegal consultation and to provide expert witness assistance at deposition or trial for more complex cases. Dr. Nevin has significant experience consulting on civil and criminal cases and has successfully aided attorney clients in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and the European Union in reaching favorable settlements. Dr. Nevin has co-authored the first review of the forensic application of claims of adverse effects from mefloquine in legal settings. A current fee schedule is available.  

Send Files Securely to Dr. Nevin

Please use this interface to send PDF and word processing files securely to Dr. Nevin’s attention, including letters of instruction and case documentation. All successful file transfers will be acknowledged directly by Dr. Nevin. Please only use this interface to send files after you first contact Dr. Nevin to discuss your case, and do not use this interface to send JPG or other image files of documents. If you encounter difficulties, please use this link.